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March 19, 2017


This is a make or break year

The worst thing that can happen to the youths and People of this Great Country is for them to refuse to grow up and take charge. How can they, if they believe that someone else must take responsibility for their lives and life circumstances? What a shame.

There comes a time in the history of a Suffering people when the Status quo that has eternally failed can no longer be sustained. Let the Hungry, Angry, Vexed, Frustrated and Hopeless be bonded in a Coalition of the Willing to reclaim a country that’s desperately in need of a new direction to follow and a New Path to chart.

Our Mumu never Do?

??Have we not suffered Enough?
??Are we not Hungry Enough?
??Is Corruption not Killing Enough of our People?
??Has Political Criminality not damaged Enough of our Moral Fabrics?
??Have the Men of Fraud Parading themselves as Men of God/Imams not caused enough damage with their Wayo Miracle, induced stealing/looting and sustained Intolerance?

2017 provides an opportunity for aggressive resolutions and a call for revolution against the Political/Religious Class that has succeed in bastardizing our collective commonwealth and has humiliated our shared humanity.

We have always been promised good governance and failure has been the only result. 2017 must be the year where our Anger, Vexation and Frustration is mobilized towards the nationalization of our mentality and the empowerment of our ability to fight for this great country.

Let the Politicians be afraid of the Tsunami that is incoming; those that must pray should begin to pray because the emancipation of the Nigerian Mind must begin this 2017.

This is the year of our Mental reawakening and the initiation of Revolutionary Struggles across all failed arms of Government in Nigeria.

This Revolution will not be televised;


From Charles Oputa; Charly Boy aka AreaFada1


iheukwumere Nwabuisi on May 24, 2017 AT 10 pm

Charly Boy!
I have never known you but I had to hear your autobiography and I am in for this movement. I will mass email the message. I will mass text . I will spread the word. And what ever you want me to do here in Diaspora (Houston, Texas) to move this movement forward, count on me. Our MumuDon Do. Our goal should be to wake up all people in all nooks of Nigeria and the world

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